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The author says: I believe euthanasia or assisted suicide is practiced by many GPs. I have no idea about how many, but I agree that doctors will do this regularly, it will be a tacit thing done when the person is in their last few days probably. But Shipman was not doing this. The great majority of his victims were old but reasonably healthy. They had years left in them. These were murders of a completely different type than your usual sexually-related Bundy stuff. In all cases Shipman was sending these old people peacefully — indeed, blissfully — into the great beyond.

There was not the tiniest hint of violence or aggression in his conduct. Once he was caught Shipman never admitted any guilt and never gave any explanations. After a couple of years in jail he hanged himself.

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The broad sunlit uplands of the Pennine chain. The misty twisty moorland. Every landscape however has a blot. My pixie dell has rather a large blemish to it's reputation. I live a stone's throw from Ian and Myra's garden and not too far away from the general practice of Dr. The latter holds the dubious distinction of being Britain's foremost serial killer. The inquiry into this case looked into a total of deaths throughout the whole of the doctors career. Spanni I like where I live. Spanning more than thirty years, the final estimate of murders he committed is in the region of The author writes for television and has directed T.

Having personal experience of the psychotic persona, I found the psychologist's detailed explanations of the killer's modus operandi quite interesting:-'Psychopathy is the psychological term used to describe someone who has no capacity for guilt, for conscience or for empathy.

They're not. If you look at the boardrooms of some of our more successful companies, you see exactly those combinations present. On the downside of this book, the text seems to be taken from some of Carole Peters annotated t. Any publishers in this case Carlton Books lack of proof reading always diminishes the enjoyment of reading and this book is littered with errors. Even so it is a sobering read. The appendix contains eight pages of the list of names of victims and suspected victims.

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Mar 30, Julia Connor rated it really liked it. Thought it was very good that Carole Peters named each confirmed and suspected victim and the evidence regarding their murders. It is respectful and sympathetic towards the family and friends of the victims and there are glimpses of how the crimes have also affected the author. Well written with some pictures. An interesting book about the worst serial killer the U. It's especially interesting because the killer was a doctor G.

HAROLD SHIPMAN Mind Set on Murder. Why Shipman Killed and Killed Again

P who had a reputation of being dedicated to his patients and making house calls. He usually killed them with morphine and often left them in their homes for someone else to discover. To me, the fascinating thing was how blatant a path he left buying extraordinary amounts of morphine. He admitted to be addicted to pethidine early An interesting book about the worst serial killer the U. He admitted to be addicted to pethidine early in his career, claimed to have been cured and clean, but then moved on to a different city from where he started and killed patients by the score. It was his profession as a doctor and his reputation of making home calls that led people to giving him a break.

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He kept his own records; he was in a solo practice. Yet people died like crazy--old, middle-aged, mostly women--and no one did a thing until they finally inspected the number of deaths on his watch. The credibility that was accorded him was similar to that accorded to Roman Catholic pedophile priests. The best parts of the book are the analyses from various scientists.

The worst parts are that the author insisted on writing down several paragraphs about each single death. That became repetitive and tiresome fairly quickly. This book is a riveting read, even though you 'know what happens'. I read it in a couple of days while on holiday.

It's jaw-dropping, when you consider the extent of Harold Shipman's murders. The fact that he murdered so many people over a couple of decades, and no one noticed.

Does mother's early death offer pointer to GP's state of mind?

Well, some people did, but they either didn't have the courage to accuse the doctor understandable or they weren't taken seriously. However, the title is a little misleading because the question of 'why' he killed is ne This book is a riveting read, even though you 'know what happens'. However, the title is a little misleading because the question of 'why' he killed is never answered.

It can't be, because Shipman never admitted to his crimes and committed suicide so we'll never know. It's all just guess work, no matter how much they talk about his childhood. Brenda Brook rated it really liked it Sep 24, Paddy Sheridan rated it it was ok Jan 04, Kahdra Emfinger rated it liked it May 14, Corina Jamieson rated it really liked it May 21, Hayleigh B rated it really liked it Mar 06, Kate rated it liked it Jun 01, Marianne rated it liked it Jan 08, Leanne rated it liked it Mar 30, Tweedledum rated it really liked it Sep 02, Sam Hammond rated it liked it May 01, Asem Mohamed rated it liked it Feb 01, Rachael Carey rated it liked it Feb 16, BookQueen rated it it was amazing Aug 21, In particular, the large number of cremation forms for elderly women that he had needed countersigned.

There was a police inquiry, but there wasn't enough evidence to charge him. Over the course of 23 years, it's believed Shipman - dubbed "Doctor Death" - killed up to people. He was caught when he forged the will of Kathleen Grundy, leaving her inheritance to himself. The police then found he had been administering lethal doses of diamorphine, signing patients' death certificates, and then falsifying medical records to indicate that they had been in poor health.

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An inquiry launched after the trial concluded that Shipman had in all probability murdered almost of his patients, with crimes stretching back two decades. Given our ageing population and the fact that many of us may later rely on medical professionals and care givers, Wilson will seek to understand what can be learned from the case of Shipman, so that nothing like this could ever happen again.

The film will set out to explore how he got away with his crimes for so long, murdering so many people in plain sight for more than twenty years.

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  • Most attempt to take us 'inside-the-mind' of a serial killer. But none have fully explored the historical, cultural and social context that enabled a medical professional to take the lives of hundreds of trusting patients over more than two decades. Sign in Edit Account Sign Out.